My name is Richard Stecenko; I have been working as a computer consultant, under the name Interactive Computer Services, for close to thirty years. I offer a full range of services to my clients. I work with them to identify their current needs and future opportunities, I design systems that will meet their needs and accommodate the anticipated future requirements; I develop code; and I install, train, and provide ongoing support.

Technologies and Education

General Software

I am competent in Microsoft Office Suite and have trained people to use its more advanced features.

Desktop Publishing and Web Development

I used desktop publishing software, like Adobe Design and Microsoft Publisher, to publish Midcontinental Magazine; and I trained staff at the Provincial Auditor’s Office to produce electronic versions of audit reports for its web site.

For Soup Bee, I developed an on-line ordering system with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and PHP. I also used Dreamweaver to construct Bird Studies Canada’s Species at Risk in Manitoba web site and Fireworks to format the photographs provided by the volunteers.

Accounting and Fundraising

I have worked with staff at several organizations to develop general ledgers and produce financial reports with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, and AccPac. As well, I am proficient in their use.

I have trained people to use Raiser’s Edge and GiftWorks fundraising packages and I used GiftWorks to produce donations receipts for the annual campaigns at Wildwood Community Centre.

Programming and Software Development

To develop custom software, I use programming languages such as Visual FoxPro, Visual ProMatrix Enterprise, MS-SQL , MySQL, and Microsoft Access. For the most part, I specialize in developing custom software to maintain databases.


I graduated in the spring of 2011 with a 4-year Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Winnipeg with a major in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication. In 2015, I completed the Masters of Arts program in Indigenous Governance, also at University of Winnipeg. Currently, I am enrolled in the Native Studies Ph. D. program at University of Manitoba.

In 2008, I attended a one-day course on the fundamental strategies to clearly present complex data taught by Edward Tufte, Emeritus Professor (Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science), Yale University. In 2011 (Clearwater, Florida) and again in 2017 (Ville de Québec, Québec), I attended conferences sponsored by Critical Perspectives on Accounting about the interplay between accounting, social conflict, industrialization, bureaucracy, and technocracy. As well in 2017, I enrolled in a strong stucturation theory workshop at University of Essex.

I attended a 2-day workshop on Performance Measurement and Reporting in First Nations presented by the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada in 2013, the Manitoba Chapter's conference in 2015 in Winnipeg, and the Association's national conference in 2016 in Montréal. I also sat in on the National Gathering of Aboriginal Trustees in Niagara, 2014.

As a free-lance computer programmer, I have developed custom software for a variety of corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and community groups. I work with my clients to identify their needs, evaluate and investigate appropriate technologies, write and present proposals, and negotiate agreements.

For Arrowfax, a publisher of First Nations directories, I wrote a database application that was used to enter information on 14,000 Aboriginal businesses and organizations and to export the data to a desktop publishing application.

Soon after the Winnipeg Sun was formed, I developed its circulation system, which was used for over 25 years. Heart and Stroke Foundation uses my software to organize volunteers for its annual door-to-door campaign; the software produces route lists, canvassers’ tally sheets, and weekly progress reports. The database contains information on over 11,000 volunteers and 10,000 canvasser routes. For Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, I designed and wrote management software for a database of toxic substances found in ground water.

For Soup Bee, a West Broadway Development social enterprise, I developed software that streamlined order processing so staff could spend more time marketing. At the end of November, 2011, there were 38 subscribers, by May, 2012, there were 110.

I assisted Carte International Inc. in updating and documenting legacy code developed over the last 20 years; this involved migrating data in no-longer-supported databases to MS SQL and re-writing the code in a more OOPsy fashion. At Mount Carmel Clinic, I wrote a custom application for the laboratory that interfaces with a SQL patient record system. For a a web retailer in California ( I developed an application that downloaded pricing and quantity information from the retailer’s suppliers and updated the master inventory table; often, several hundred thousand items were updated at once. The application ran unattended on a server someplace in North Carolina.

I have also collaborated on-line and over the phone with software developers in Nashville, Tennessee; Demming, New Mexico; Laredo, Texas; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Burtenbach, Germany. I have worked in England where I helped develop a package used by over 2,000 churches to manage church finances and co-ordinate volunteers. In 2006, I worked with Hertronic d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina, to create software to record attendance and marks for a kanton of 21 schools and in 2017 I returned to upgrade the back-end to SQL. In April 2013, I trained programmers in Kuala Lumpur and coordinated the design of new features for a human resources application.

Several of the software applications I have written automated business processes such as order entry, accounts payable, and inventory management. In addition, I have provided administrative and management support for several community groups.

In the summer of 2010, I was office manager for Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin. Since then, I have worked under short contracts for Community Education Development Association, North Point Douglas Seniors Association, and SISTARS/Eagle Wing Early Education Centre. For these organizations, I presented financial information to boards and to stakeholders, created budgets and financial reports for management, arranged lines of credit and loans with financial institutions, and prepared year-end working papers for presentation to auditors. I also wrote grant applications and submitted the documentation required by funders for release of funds.